BORRELPLANKJE - snijplank als relatiegeschenk

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€ 22,50 (inclusief btw)

Handmade wooden board (hardwood) with cord of leather.
Dimensions: 30x20x2 cm (hxwxd).

Price excl. VAT: 18.60 euros

What is a Happenplank?
A Happenplank is a handmade, robust (hard) wooden cutting board that can also be used as a snack shelf, cheese board, breadboard, tapas shelf or pizza shelf. All our shelves are unique and a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook and / or have a drink.

Our cutting boards and snack shelves are made by hand from solid hardwood. You can make the best cutting boards of this wood. The wood is hard, so you can cut it properly and there are no deep scratches in the wood. That is so hygienic!
Many cutting boards are made out of one piece of wood and therefore warp after a few uses. Our shelves are made of multiple parts, making warping impossible! In short, you are looking for a shelf for life, then go for a Happenplank!

Engrave a Happenplank?
Do you want to have your Happen shelf engraved? Which can! You can supply your own design, but we also like to make it easy for you and we have many example designs that we can personalize for you. Do you have a text, for example, and do you want to have it placed in a beautiful design? Or would you like to engrave a beautiful design for a wedding on a wooden cutting board?
That's all possible, take a look at the ENGRAVING page  .

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